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Back Around Boulder Town 2018

Hey folks, thanks for checking in!  It has been a crazy last few years to say the least.  I’m looking forward to sharing new tunes with you all and hopefully recording an album this year!  I’m starting to book some gigs around the state for 2018 and would love to hear from you.  What venue in your town would you like to see BP?

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Coming Dates

4/13/18 – 300 Suns Brewing (site), Longmont, CO
5/27/19 – The Stone Cup (site), Lyons, CO  To Be Rescheduled
6/8/18 – Jamestown Mercantile (site), Jamestown, CO
6/24/18 – Odyssey Beerwerks (site), Arvada, CO
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Past Dates

3/23 – Still Cellars (site), Longmont, CO
2/25 – The Laughing Goat (site), with Haley Gowland, Boulder, CO
12/23 – Heirloom Rustic Ales (site), with Kalyn Fay, Rachel La Vonne, and Ryan Pickop, Tulsa, OK
12/22 – The Artery (site), with Parker Ferrell, Tulsa, OK
4/23 – The Colony (site),  with Rachel La Vonne, Kalyn Fay, and Tony Gray, Tulsa, OK
4/20 – Tulsa Voice Courtyard, with Rachel La Vonne, Tulsa, OK
3/28 – The Colony (site), with Rachel La Vonne, Tulsa, OK
3/6 – Cafe Samana (site), Tulsa, OK
2/20 – Foolish Things (site), with Zach Winters, Tulsa, OK
2/13 – The Colony (site), with Kalyn Fay, Tulsa, OK
1/24 – The Laughing Goat (site), with Augustus, Boulder, CO
12/18 – R Bar and Grill, with Tony Gray, Tulsa, OK
12/13 – House Concert, with Zach Winters, Tulsa, OK
12/4 – Swallow Hill Music Series (site), Denver, CO
11/21 – The Rock Inn (site), Estes Park, CO
10/24 – The Rock Inn (site), Estes Park, CO
10/18 – Odyssey Beerwerks (site), Arvada, CO
10/4 – Twisted Pine Brewing (site), Boulder, CO
9/29 – Chefs Collaborative, National Summit (site), Boulder, CO
9/13 – Boulder Farmers Market (site), Boulder, CO
9/13 – Amante Coffee (site), Boulder, CO
9/10 – Boulder Farmers Market (site), Boulder, CO
9/6 – Black Mountain Music Festival (site), Guffey, CO
8/15-8/17 – Rocky Mountain Folks Festival (site), Lyons, CO
8/8 – Prairie Artisan Ales Brewery (site), with friends, Tulsa, OK
8/2 – Downtown Bar (site), Pueblo, CO
7/5 – Still Cellars (site), with Penny and Sparrow, Longmont, CO
6/22 – Telluride Bluegrass Festival (site), Main Stage “Tweener”, Telluride, CO
6/22 – Telluride Bluegrass Festival (site), Troubadour “In The Round”, Telluride, CO
6/21 – KOTO Radio, Telluride, CO
6/19 – Telluride Bluegrass Festival (site), Troubadour Contest, Telluride, CO
6/15 – Taste of Fort Collins (site), Fort Collins, CO
6/7 –  20 Mile Tap House (site), Parker, CO
5/17 – High Hops Brewery (site), Windsor, CO
5/3 – The Laughing Goat (site), with Places Perennial, Boulder, CO
4/12 – Paris On The Platte (site), Denver, CO
3/18 – KRFC [email protected] (site), Fort Collins, CO
3/18 – Avogadros Number, featured artist (site), Fort Collins, CO
3/15 – Twisted Pine Brewing (site),  Boulder, CO
1/23 – The Laughing Goat (site), with Penny and Sparrow, Boulder, CO
1/18 – Twisted Pine Brewing (site),  Boulder, CO
12/29 − 3rd Annual Holiday Family Jam, Private
12/28 – Dwelling Spaces (site), with The Parker Ferrell Trio, Tulsa, OK
12/27 -The Colony (site), with Wink Burcham, Tulsa, OK
12/26 – R Bar and Grill, with friends, Tulsa, OK
12/15 – The Laughing Goat  (site), with Kaleigh Baker, Boulder, CO
12/13 – Johnny’s Cigar Bar, with Pete Laffin, Boulder, CO
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