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Times They Are A Changin’

Hey folks, thanks for checking in!  I will be updating the website very soon with new announcements and great news!  Hang tight…IMG_0396

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Coming Dates


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Past Dates

4/23/15 – The Colony (site),  with Rachel La Vonne, Kalyn Fay, and Tony Gray, Tulsa, OK
4/20/15 – Tulsa Voice Courtyard, with Rachel La Vonne, Tulsa, OK
3/28/15 – The Colony (site), with Rachel La Vonne, Tulsa, OK
3/6/15 – Cafe Samana (site), Tulsa, OK
2/20/15 – Foolish Things (site), with Zach Winters, Tulsa, OK
2/13/15 – The Colony (site), with Kalyn Fay, Tulsa, OK
1/24/15 – The Laughing Goat (site), with Augustus, Boulder, CO
12/18/14 – R Bar and Grill, with Tony Gray, Tulsa, OK
12/13/14 – House Concert, with Zach Winters, Tulsa, OK
12/4/14 – Swallow Hill Music Series (site), Denver, CO
11/21/14 – The Rock Inn (site), Estes Park, CO
10/24/14 – The Rock Inn (site), Estes Park, CO
10/18/14 – Odyssey Beerwerks (site), Arvada, CO
10/4/14 – Twisted Pine Brewing (site), Boulder, CO
9/29/14 – Chefs Collaborative, National Summit (site), Boulder, CO
9/13/14 – Boulder Farmers Market (site), Boulder, CO
9/13/14 – Amante Coffee (site), Boulder, CO
9/10/14 – Boulder Farmers Market (site), Boulder, CO
9/6/14 – Black Mountain Music Festival (site), Guffey, CO
8/15/14-8/17/14 – Rocky Mountain Folks Festival (site), Lyons, CO
8/8/14 – Prairie Artisan Ales Brewery (site), with friends, Tulsa, OK
8/2/14 – Downtown Bar (site), Pueblo, CO
7/5/14 – Still Cellars (site), with Penny and Sparrow, Longmont, CO
6/22/14 – Telluride Bluegrass Festival (site), Main Stage “Tweener”, Telluride, CO
6/22/14 – Telluride Bluegrass Festival (site), Troubadour “In The Round”, Telluride, CO
6/21/14 – KOTO Radio, Telluride, CO
6/19/14 – Telluride Bluegrass Festival (site), Troubadour Contest, Telluride, CO
6/15/14 – Taste of Fort Collins (site), Fort Collins, CO
6/7/14 –  20 Mile Tap House (site), Parker, CO
5/17/14 – High Hops Brewery (site), Windsor, CO
5/3/14 – The Laughing Goat (site), with Places Perennial, Boulder, CO
4/12/14 – Paris On The Platte (site), Denver, CO
3/18/14 – KRFC Live@Lunch (site), Fort Collins, CO
3/18/14 – Avogadros Number, featured artist (site), Fort Collins, CO
3/15/14 – Twisted Pine Brewing (site),  Boulder, CO
1/23/14 – The Laughing Goat (site), with Penny and Sparrow, Boulder, CO
1/18/14 – Twisted Pine Brewing (site),  Boulder, CO
12/29/13 − 3rd Annual Holiday Family Jam, Private
12/28/13 – Dwelling Spaces (site), with The Parker Ferrell Trio, Tulsa, OK
12/27/13 -The Colony (site), with Wink Burcham, Tulsa, OK
12/26/13 – R Bar and Grill, with friends, Tulsa, OK
12/15/13 – The Laughing Goat  (site), with Kaleigh Baker, Boulder, CO

12/13/13 – Johnny’s Cigar Bar, with Pete Laffin, Boulder, CO

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