DCIM100MEDIASinger/Songwriter, Brian Payne, has been writing and performing for over fifteen years.  From bands to a solo career he has branded his melodic and rhythmic style on stages all across the midwest.  He has been a top finalist in multiple singer/songwriter contests including The Telluride Bluegrass Festival and prestigious Planet Bluegrass Folks Festival.  He has shared the stage with the likes of Arlo Guthrie and Ellis Paul at the Woody Guthrie Folks Festival as well as recorded an album at the legendary Church Studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma produced by The Tractors front man Steve Ripley.  In 2014 BP’s self titled EP was released entering him into a world of local gigs and midwest touring as well as online demand from across the world.  Living in both Oklahoma and Colorado he has made quite a name for himself among the local acts.  His moves and motives are dedicated to the love of his gift. “Some times you’ve gotta change your path to change your fate.  Sometimes it’s better to turn early than to turn to late,” Payne said.  In the realization of how short life is he has decided to make the music he wants.  “I could spend my life writing what people want to hear, but that’d mean nothing to me.” In an era of fear, anger, and jealousy, all he wants is to speak truth whether it is lyrical, melodic, or just a brutally honest smile.

With influences ranging from Ray Lamontange and Gregory Alan Isakov to Paul Simon and JJ Cale, he has created a melodic, soulful love child born into the New Tulsa Sound and transplanted into an indie folk heaven (Boulder, CO.). Melody, harmony and rhythm have not been lost over the decades, merely rediscovered in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.